crispy filter

Crispy filter lets you render a form or formset using django-crispy-forms elegantly div based fields. Let’s see a usage example:

{% load crispy_forms_tags %}

<form method="post" class="uniForm">
    {{ my_formset|crispy }}
  1. Add {% load crispy_forms_tags %} to the template.
  2. Append the |crispy filter to your form or formset context variable.
  3. If you are using uni_form template pack, don’t forget to add the class ‘uniForm’ to your form.
  4. Refresh and enjoy!

Using {% crispy %} tag because it rocks

As handy as the |crispy filter is, think of it as the built-in methods: as_table, as_ul and as_p. You cannot tune up the output. The best way to make your forms crisp is using the {% crispy %} tag. It will change how you do forms in Django.


django-crispy-forms is a Django application that lets you easily build, customize and reuse forms using your favorite CSS framework, without writing template code and without having to take care of annoying details. You are currently looking at the documentation of the development release.


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